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Image: Members of the Kayapo tribe at Piracu;
a gathering of 45 different Indigenous communities and Peoples and 600 Indigenous Brazilian people to strategise resistance and resilience, hosted by Chief Raoni in January 2020. Photograph by Patternipal, Samanatha Roddick

 “What is going to cure the Earth is our capacity, our ability to reactivate our connection to the Earth.”

—Célia Xakriabá   


A 5% donation from each PATTERNITY print will go directly to indigenous activists on the Amazon frontline, protecting the rainforest and standing against environmental degradation and climate change. 

These activists and cultural leaders are being forced out of their homes and endangering their lives daily to protect biodiversity essential for the heart and lungs of our Earth and all its inhabitants to beat and breathe. The land, ecosystems, and earth-centred cultural pattern wisdom that these communities and individuals hold and are fighting to protect – are essential for the future of life on the planet we all share and call home. 

Donations will go directly into the ‘HEART KEEPERS’ a fund which has been established as a shared initiative between several organisations in collaboration with indigenous leaders including; Choose Love, and the Roddick Foundation.

Those supported by the fund include indigenous defenders, local and regional leaders, communicators, guardians of land tenure or human rights who have given their lives to their communities’ struggle. The ‘HEART KEEPERS’ aims at becoming a channel between individuals, funders and local activists; conceived to directly support indigenous peoples' activism; supporting people on the frontlines of the present indigenous struggle against ecocide and genocide in Brazil.

Scientists have called 2021 'the tipping point' for climate change, the point of no return when our ecosystems have begun to collapse under the continued attacks against them. The indigenous defenders whose work this fund supports are part of the world movement seeking to change the circumstances which have led us to this predicament; to the searing droughts and raging fires that are destroying our forests, to the greed that has vied to cut the last tree or poisoned the remotest water source. Such indigenous guardians are pointing in the right direction, they are the world teachers we should be listening to.

The reason why the Amazon rainforest is still standing today, is because of indigenous peoples integral and reciprocal relationship with life. It is not surprising then, that 80% of the world’s remaining biodiversity thrives in the care of indigenous custodianship. Indigenous peoples are the ‘real’ experts in ecosystems management and restoration, yet they remain one of the most ignored and underfunded sectors in conservation globally.

For any specific questions about this partnership or for other ways to champion the ‘HEART KEEPERS’ and those it supports please contact us: