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Left: Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham



“With over 11 years researching the wisdom, wonder and beauty of pattern in life, the time has come for us to make our pattern understanding and philosophy tangible and accessible for our community of fellow pattern lovers.

In a world that feels increasingly overloaded with ‘stuff’ and patterned by consumption, we’ve been hesitant to create products in the past and have never believed in making products for products sake. However, we’ve had such interest in our prints and patterns that it finally felt time to start sharing the positive power of patterns with the world—And we’re excited to see where this takes us.

Each collection has been lovingly chosen to share a core thread of the PATTERNITY philosophy; from the potency of pattern symbols and shapes, to the nurturing and soothing wisdom of the elementals found in the natural world. We’ve also celebrated the joy of being more curious about the excellence of the everyday world around us and sharing our meaningful Mantras that we hope will inspire positive patterns of thinking and being in the world today.

With positive patterns at the heart of the process, we’ve been conscious to ensure our means of production are both fully transparent and sustainable – and for us this is only the beginning of the journey. We’ve already learned so much (with a little help from our friends – thank you Emma, Roxy, Robin and Joss!) but we have a lot more to learn. Our mission is to continue to share stories and pattern perspectives that are increasingly important and needed in our culture right now and for us, product is perhaps the final part of the Patternipuzzle ( there’s an idea!)

In the spirit of interconnectedness, a donation of each print will support indigenous communities and activists on the Amazon frontline. Click here to read more.

We hope you will enjoy this first range of products as much as we have designing them and we look forward to hearing your feedback and expanding and sharing more pattern power with you in the months and years to come. Thank you for joining us on the journey!”

Anna + Grace 
PATTERNITY cofounders