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PATTERNITY ∞ Clarks Originals Macro Pattern Sand


Joining forces with Clarks Originals our exclusive graphic is inspired by the fundamental shapes that make up the world around us. Encouraging a more mindful appreciation and perspective of the everyday.

Reworking both the men’s and women’s iconic Desert Boot – the bold lacquered geometric print on suede brings an exciting new dimension to Nathan Clark’s original vision.


“As with everything we do at PATTERNITY, the inspiration comes from looking to the world around us more mindfully.  All of our projects aim to encourage a heightened awareness and sense of connection to our surroundings. For this first collection, we looked to the fundamental building blocks of life that surround us everywhere we go – a bold rearrangement of circles, lines, triangles and squares. Our core PATTERNITY philosophy is ‘that a shared awareness of pattern can positively engage us with the world and what’s in it’ and this is at the heart of everything we do. PATTERNITY designs always have a deeper meaning beyond the surface…”

* Sample pairs are without box and have been worn once for promotional purposes and may show small amounts of wear on the soles

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