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PATTERNITY ∞ Clarks Originals Microscopic Desert Pattern B/W


The focus for our second Unisex season in collaboration with Clarks Originals zoomed in even closer with a detailed design that invites wearers to follow the PATTERNITY mantra ‘look closer, notice more’ in order to explore the puzzling geometric print.

A playful interpretation of the trademark PATTERNITY lines, triangles, circles and squares applied to each section of the shoe, the pattern is a celebration of the fundamental shapes that surround us all – everywhere we go.

A dazzling monochrome interpretation of a truly original silhouette.

“As with everything we do at PATTERNITY, the inspiration comes from looking to the world around us more mindfully.  All of our projects aim to encourage a heightened awareness and sense of connection to our surroundings. For this first collection, we looked to the fundamental building blocks of life that surround us everywhere we go – a bold rearrangement of circles, lines, triangles and squares. Our core PATTERNITY philosophy is ‘that a shared awareness of pattern can positively engage us with the world and what’s in it’ and this is at the heart of everything we do. PATTERNITY designs always have a deeper meaning beyond the surface…”

* Sample pairs are without box and have been worn once for promotional purposes and may show small amounts of wear on the soles

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